Flavors on location

We offers a full line of catering services with special attention on traditional Italian cuisine.  Our food is always prepared with fresh organic when possible vegetables and fruits, breads that are made fresh daily.  All with the desire to offer wonderful flavors at the highest quality.  
From simple lunches to full meals.  Corporate events to weddings or a simple private meal with the chef.  
If you prefer something a bit diffrent and truly eye catching then consider our full service on location one of a kind mobile catering truck Tapas in Movimento. 
If you have an idea or need inspiration for your upcoming event please give us a call and let's see what we can plan together. We want your event to taste great, look amazing and have your guest talking about how much fun they had with YOU!



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Opening hours

Mon 10:30am-18pm
Tue - Sun 10:30am-21pm

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